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Methods to Check Quality of Black Galaxy Granite Slabs

Methods to Check Quality of Black Galaxy Granite Slabs:-

Black Galaxy granite is a stone of various variety types. For a new buyer, this is a very difficult stone. If you’re planning to buy Black Galaxy Granite, checking the quality of the material you’re getting is really very important for you.

This granite is quarried also in India, and it is also processed in India. After inspecting the block, one may have a very basic idea of the quality, but only advanced inspection can help you find the desired quality in this granite.

There is several varieties of black granite and these are as:

First is black galaxy granite which is widely demanded for its elegant finishing and stain-free nature. Heat Resistance, smooth edges, and its easy-to-clean nature are the reasons for its success.

Second Black Galaxy Golden star Granite is black granite with golden-colored crystalline minerals that gives this stone a beautiful appearance. It is ideal for use with all types of countertops and living room and bathroom interior decoration. Black Galaxy Golden Star Granite for kitchen countertops is a perfect choice.

Third Black Galaxy White Star Granite is commonly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding, and other interior decoration because of its natural beauty with stunning black color with smooth finish surface. This Black Galaxy White Star granite is made up of Black Colour with White Mineral crystalline.

So, here’s how you can check the quality of black galaxy granite slabs.

Check the slab size of Black Galaxy Granite:

Slabs are material which has random sizes, in the Galaxy Granite there are the following types of slabs available:

  • 50 cm up x 140 cm up Random Slabs
  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Random Slabs
  • 65-90 cm x 240 cm up Random Slabs
  • 150 cm up x 260 cm up Random Slabs
  • 180 cm to 210 cm x 280 to 330 cm Random Slabs

Smaller slabs are always cheaper than bigger and longer slabs. The general size of standard quality slabs is 65 cm up x 180 cm up in counter slabs and 180 cm up x 280 cm up in slabs cut from Gangsaw machines.

Thickness Variation:

Black Galaxy Granite slab and tiles are available in thicknesses of 2 cm and 3 cm. The general thickness variation was 2 to 3 mm in thickness before the multi-blade small cutter, which cuts Black Galaxy Granite counter slabs. Because counter slabs are generally used to make kitchen countertops, the thickness was not a big issue. But the variation is about 1 mm after the multi-blade cutter. If there’s a lot of thickness variation, then the price will go down.

Variation in Galaxy Pattern:

The Black Galaxy Granite has a lot of variety with the galaxy pattern variation available; please visit the Black Granite product page here for more information. The smaller variation is going to high prices. Just like checking the lines in the material, this is a bit difficult process. It needs a bit more granite knowledge.

Line Checking:

Lines play an important role in determining Black Galaxy Granite’s price. The galaxy material contains many types of lines. The number of lines appearing in the material can determine the quality of black galaxy granite. The material of first choice has no line and the materials of commercial quality have several lines of black and white in the material.

Bend in slabs:

For any type of material, bends are very bad, not just the Black Galaxy Granite. Bends are an example of the material being poorly processed. You can check the Galaxy Granite bend by placing a 3-foot scale on the material’s backside.

We hope, these points will help you to understand and determine the black galaxy granite slabs easily and buy them for your house. RK Marbles India is the best place to buy black galaxy granite at an affordable price.

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