Payment and Shipping Terms

Payment Policy.

  • On Purchase initially, we accept 30% or 50% advance with while you place the order.
  • We always make sure you got the same lot and material on priority.
  • We take around 10 – 15 Days to process your order.
  • Once we are ready to dispatch the material, you need to pay the balance 50% or the remaining amount on the same date of dispatch.
  • We authorised your product’s Safety through video calls to guarantee transparent dealing and satisfaction between us.


Payment options.

We accept multiple modes of payment like Visa, credit card, Debit Card, etc.


Shipping Terms

  • We always ensure the quality of loading and Packaging.
  • Our Tied up Transporters, shipping agents, logistics partners are highly experienced, trustworthy, and dependable with professional skills. 
  • Our transportation, charges are genuinely examined every week to ensure our customers get the best deal.
  • Our team has great expertise in handling the loading and Packaging.
  • Our trucks will arrive at your doorstep at every location of India.
  • Unloading will be taken care of by the buyer in their respective areas.

Delivery Time

We generally always high in demand which takes almost 15-25 Days to deliver till door step. We are located in Rajasthan’s Makrana city. Our fastest Connectivity is below:


Northern Zone – 7-10 Days.

North East Zone – 30-40 days.

Central Zone – 10-15 Days. 

Eastern Zone – 20-25 Days.

Western Zone – 15- 20 Days 

Southern Zone – 20-25 Days.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  1. During Transportation if Material gets damaged, then who will be responsible. What are the refund policies?

Answer – Up to 3% damage is non-reimbursable if more occur in any case 100% money will be refunded of the loss within 7 days.

  1. If the entire payment is taken in advance, and Material/ Truck does not reach my destiny, then what is the payment refund policy.

Answer – In any case, this can’t happen ultimately the responsibility is ours to deliver your goods safely 

  1. If I want to make a payment of 50% in advance and the rest 50% upon reaching the Material. Please confirm this.

Answer – Our payment policy is 50% advance with order and rests 50% when we dispatch from our factory showing through video call and satisfaction

  1. Single Truck will be loaded for me only or this would be a sharing basis? 

Answer – Depend upon the quantity if have more than 5000 sqft yes in one single truck, if lesser it will club with another nearby customers delivery truck.

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