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Most Trending White Granite Colors in 2024

White Granite Countertops

The Most Trending White Granite Colors of 2024

Looking to upgrade your kitchen, bath or other surfaces in your home in a trendy yet timeless way? Look no further than countertops with white granite. White granite counters add elegance with no sacrifice of durability besides uniquely brightening up a living space.

Natural granite is a hard and non-porous stone, making it a brilliant choice for your home’s kitchen counters and other high-traffic areas. White is still having a big moment in the meantime, with designers and homeowners alike loving it for its chic, clean aesthetic.

However, not all countertops of white granite are created equal. For starters, in all nature, there is no pure white granite. Rather, when we’re talking about white granite, we’re talking about a predominantly white or off-white bedrock background subtly mixed in various other colours.

White granite therefore boasts wonderful versatility and can be a beautiful complement to many different colours in the cabinet.

All of this raises the question: How do you know which white granite shade suits your style with so many high hues to choose from? Read the article with a full slab of pictures of the popular white granite colours.

Alaska White Granite: The name Alaska White belies its origin. This show-stop shade doesn’t come from The Last Frontier but is imported from Brazil. However, the amazing blend of cool and warm colours of this white granite, including icy silver, frosty white, rich cocoa and deep onyx, reminds one of the amazing Alaskan landscapes. With a slight movement of moderate colour, tone, granularity and pattern variations, Alaska White marble has a contemporary feel that suits both dark and light cabinets. In the meantime, its brown veining pairs beautifully with wood.

 Although Alaska White is at the top of the white granite price range, it’s still affordable at INR 180 per square foot.

Alaska white granite
Alaska white granite

Colonial White Granite: While the majority of white granites in Brazil are quarried, Colonial White granite joins a select few that come from India. Colonial White is characterized by its black speckles and smoky silver accent colours with a creamy off-white bedrock foundation. Another defining feature of Colonial White is a hint of rose-pink mineral deposits. Colonial White is a winner if you are looking for light granite that will add warmth to your kitchen. Colonial white countertops, paired with strong white cabinets, soften a space while having a more dramatic effect next to darker cabinets. The slight movement and variation of Colonial White means it provides a continuous and cohesive feeling.

While Colonial White granite looks upscale, it is available at an affordable INR 175 per square foot.

colonial white granite
colonial white granite

White Galaxy Granite: White Galaxy Granite is famous for its white colour. The best features are its durability and easy maintenance. It is a very good product for flooring and is highly recommended. It has a very attractive colour and texture. Also used for countertops and decoration purposes is the White Galaxy Granite.it is available at an affordable INR 200 per square foot.

White galaxy Granite
White galaxy Granite

There are many more white granite categories available in many different shades and hues. Please keep reading our article Most Trending White Granite Colors 2024 for more information about granites and marbles. R K Marbles in India is one of the best dealers of natural stones at reliable stones.

Serial No Name of White
Price in INR

(Starts from)
Image of White
Details and supplier
1Pearl White Granite70 / Square FeetClick Here
2White Galaxy200 / Square Feet
Click Here
3Alaska White Granite180 / Square FeetClick Here
4Colonial White Granite175 / Square FeetClick Here
5American White Granite170 / Square Feet

Click Here
6Monaco White Wave Granite175 / Square Feet
Click Here
7Viscon White Granite200 / Square Feet
Click Here
8Sahara White Granite115 / Square Feet
Click Here

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