Green Marbles

Green Marbles

Green Marble is the Indian Stone and calcitic in nature. These marble is perfect choice for decoration, flooring and counter top. Green Marble does not need any chemical treatment only cutting chiselling and polishing are applied. These marble have very high strength and long lasting shine. Based on colour pattern and impurities green marble is categorised under different names which is described under types of green marble categories.

Types of Green Marble

1. Dark Green Marble:

Dark green marble is Indian marble of dark green colour. It is used for the flooring, interior decoration of house and commercial space like hotels, restaurants and shops. It is highly durable. It has very long lasting shine.

2. Spider Green Marbles:

Spider Green MarblesSpider Green Marble
Spider Green Marble has very attractive pattern of green colour. It makes floor and interior of house elegant. It is common type of green marble used for decoration and other building construction works. This marble is quarried in india and has polished surface. It doesn’t require any chemical treatment.

3. Rainforest Green marbles:

Rainforest Green marblesRainforest Green marbles
It is another very famous green marble. It is highly demanded for flooring, countertop and decoration of interior walls. Like other indian Marble it also doesn’t require any chemical processing.

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