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Grey Carrara Marble is a beautiful Indian marble of grey base color with a black shade flow pattern on it. Its flow design may vary from batch to batch. This beautiful Marble has a stunning appearance and unique design pattern which is matchless. The difference lies in their formation thousands of years ago beneath the surface of the earth’s crust. It is a natural Indian marble stone. It has a deficient water absorption capacity and is highly resistive to heat. This marble is widely appreciated for its hardness and durability.

The countertops perfectly complement the grey marble tiles and backsplash. They also feature a very modern and sleek eased edge. The minimum life of  Grey Carrara Marble is 10 years. Grey Carrara marble stone is a long-lasting natural stone that has a consistent color and texture. This unique marble is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, for use as flooring, counters, and wall cladding. This marble comes in many varieties.

Grey Carrara Marble Slabs are the best selling black marble slabs.

Being a natural stone, every quarry and every pit produces different colors and patterns. This marble is very uniform and takes perfect polishing. The price of this marble is not much expensive. It is an affordable stone for every home. Grey marble is a popular stone for so long.

Grey Marble is primarily famous for flooring and wall cladding applications. But it is also in use for exterior and interior floorings and design applications. It can also go with Staircases, Elevator panels, window sills, and backsplash.

It is one of the most popular stones in the market. RK Marbles India is the leading supplier of premium quality exotic stone, tiles and offers slabs, Marble blocks. This marble is available as a slab and tiles of various sizes and thicknesses. RK Marbles India is the largest supplier of Grey Carrara Marble in India and all over the world.