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Brown marbles

Introduction to Brown Marble


Adding sophistication to your home with brown marble slabs is a luxury and elegant option. A versatile choice for flooring, tiles, and countertops, brown marble features warm, earthy tones and unique veining patterns. There are a wide range of design possibilities with brown marble tiles, whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern look or a classic timeless feeling.

Opting for brown marble flooring allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the stone while adding warmth and depth. Also, Elevate the look of your kitchen or bathroom by choosing brown marble countertops, which instantly enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal. The rich tones of marble brown slabs create a stunning contrast against lighter cabinetry or walls, adding both value and timeless charm to your home.

Brown Marble is distinguished from other marbles by its distinctive colour variations, ranging from light beige to deep chocolate. Its resistance to fading and staining further adds to its appeal.

What is the Price of Brown Marble per square foot in India? 

The cost will vary depending on the quality and pattern of brown marble you select. However, a good figure for brown marble price would be around Rs 30-320 per square foot.

Top 10 Uses of Brown Marble in Interior Design

  1. Flooring
  2. Countertops
  3. Backsplash
  4. Accent walls
  5. Fireplace surround
  6. Furniture pieces
  7. Hardware accents
  8. Walls & Columns
  9. Bathroom Vanities
  10. Decorative accents
  11. Outdoor Spaces
  12. Commercial Spaces

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