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Orange Onyx

Introduction to Orange Onyx

Orange Onyx is a stunning and distinctive addition to home decor that has been growing in popularity. This natural stone, also known as orange onyx marble, boasts unique color variations ranging from light orange to deep reddish-orange, making it an eye-catching and vibrant choice. It is created in the earth’s crust over time as limestone and other minerals slowly crystallize. With its luxurious appearance, orange Onyx slabs are ideal for countertops and accent walls, adding an elegant touch to any space.

In addition to its translucent nature, orange onyx marble has a mesmerizing glow when backlit due to its transparency. This makes it an excellent choice for lighting fixtures or as a decorative accent piece in any room. Its warm tones also make it ideal for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

What is the Price of Orange Onyx Per square foot in India? 

When considering the purchase of onyx slabs, one must be prepared for a considerable investment as the price of orange onyx is set at Rs 1200 per square foot. Orange onyx  is a rare and exotic material known for its vibrant hues and unique veining patterns, making it a highly sought-after choice for luxury interior designs and countertops. 

Uses of Orange Onyx Stone

  1. Accent wall
  2. Kitchen island
  3. Backsplash 
  4. Lighting fixtures
  5. Decorative objects like vases, candle holders, or coasters.
  6. Bathroom Vanity

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