marble tiles

marble tiles

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Marble Tile Flooring

Marble, when we hear this word marble then there are lot of images appears in our mind. Marble is the most popular and known stone between people. It is not because that it’s so beautiful. There are so many reasons behind loving the marble stone. Marble is available in long range or variety. You can surely find marble according to your requirement or desire. There are cheapest to most expensive category of marbles available in many different colors.

Marble is used to decorate or make more beautiful and attractive your house and office. Marble tiles installing in flooring sound very easy but after wards installation caring is very difficult. Marble is available in number of variety of colors and patterns and easy to install. Marble is mostly used in kitchen countertops, floors and in bathrooms.

But the most important questions are: Does marble tiles floor stays same for the life long? What to do for keep shining the marble tile flooring?

So answers are as following:

1. Marble tiles flooring does not retain beauty for life long

2. There are several ways to keep shining your marble which we are going to discuss here in the article.

How to take care of marble tile flooring?

Daily Cleaning: Marble gets dirty every day because of daily rush life schedule and activities. So you should clean the floor daily basis using simple soap water gently. Never use chemicals to clean because it can leave the scratches on the surface of marble. Before using soap water, clean the dust or dirt by brushing the floor so this will help to prevent abrasive material to get stuck.

You can also use soft mop for cleaning the floor because it avoid the scuff mark and scratches.

Seal the Marble: Whenever you get installed your marble flooring then you needs to check it is sealed very well. Because you leave it any bit of loose then you will the water bead into the marble which will damage underside of marble so seal it very well to prevent the future expenses.

Use Proper Stain Treatments: Whenever you spot any stain on the marble then you need to be careful for choosing the right treatment for stain removing. Please check that stain removal treatment does not have ammonia in it and bleaching treatment can also damage the surface of marble. Always try to use soapy water to remove stains because that’s best solution without damaging.

Professional Polishing and Cleaning: Along with time marble also start losing its beauty then your regular cleaning isn’t enough for marble tiles floor. To get your marble floor beautiful looks back, you need to contact professional marble tiles expert nearby your location.

I hope these points will surely help you to keep your marble floor shining. If you have not installed marble floor yet then go for it and make your surroundings in house amazing and more attractive. Good Luck!

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