Great Deal on New Stock of Granite!

Great Deal on New Stock of Granite!

One of our showroom at Nepal, just brought in some more beautiful slabs of granite. If you’re looking for a granite for your kitchen slabs and staircase, these would be some great options.

1.ALASKA GOLD – Alaska Gold Granite is very attractive combination of warm and cool gold colors. This granite is kind of Beige granite. It is also known as Alaska Giallo Granite.


.Crack resistance

.High strength


2. NEW TAN BROWN – It is very hard and it has long lasting shine and strength. It is very unique blend of brown, grey and black flecks. 


.Low water absorption capacity

.Smooth edges

.Perfect for bathroom and countertop applications.

3. ALASKA PINK –  Alaska Pink Granite is highly demanding Granite from India, Alaska Pink Granite has soft touch of Pink color that would compliment white. 


4. ATLANTA WHITE- It is popular type of exotic granite. This granite displays as an white stone with black and brown veining throughout the stone. It is an attractive choice for kitchen countertops, fireplaces and commercial uses.




5. TIGER SKIN – This Granite stone is perfect for Exterior and Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, fountains, pool and wall cladding .


.Low absorption capacity

.Long lasting shine and natural strength.

6. BROWN PARADISO – Paradiso granite has the largest sales share among all brown granites. Infact, it is also one of the major source of our revenue. Looking for Paradiso granite from India, just send us a mail and be relaxed. We have all necessary infrastructure to make paradiso granite products as per your requirement.

7. Z BLACK – It is a absolute black color igneous rock which is quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Counter tops and bar tops, Stairs, Sills, Interior wall panels,Water walls and fountains and monuments .

Contact us today, if you’re interested in any of these granite. Don’t wait, we’re predicting these will go fast!

Call Us on +977 980-5490107 or email                                                                                                       to place us order today!

Find us at Nepal ,kathmandu 


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