onyx price list

onyx price list

Onyx Marble stone is available at various colour and size. We deal in onyx marble stone, Onyx marble slab and onyx marble Tiles. These stones are used for the different purpose like wall cladding. Onyx is a unique and exotic stone which makes a breathtaking impression. onyx stone gives stunning and rich appearance when used for flooring or any other purpose. It has a remarkable one-of-a-kind style. Price range of onyx stone varies according to the quality of product and colour of occurrence. Onyx Stone is frequently used for making decorative items and jewelries and other extraordinary things.

Product ImageProduct NamePrice In INR (Per Sq.Feet)Price In USD (Per Sq.Metre)
White crystal onyx2700 /-Square Feet456 / -Square Metre
White Tiger onyx800 /-Square Feet141 / -Square Metre
Multi Color Onyx600 - 900 /-Square Feet149 / -Square Metre
Cloud Onyx Marble900 /-Square Feet149 / -Square Metre
Honey Caramel Onyx1000 /-Square Feet174 / -Square Metre
Turkish Onyx Marble1200 /-Square Feet207 / -Square Metre
Dark Green Onyx1500 /-Square Feet257 / -Square Metre
Light green onyx1800 /-Square Feet307 / -Square Metre
Jade green Onyx1400 /-Square Feet241 / -Square Metre
Orange Onyx Marble1200 /-Square Feet207 / -Square Metre


1.  All our prices are in favor of customers and will remain the goods to sell.

2.  All products are unpolished for domestic sale.

3.  All products are polished for international sale.

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