Makrana Marble’s Uses, Properties, Types and Price list

Makrana Marble’s Uses, Properties, Types and Price list

What comes in your mind after hearing the word “Makrana”? Answer is Marble.  Makrana is the oldest marble mining quarry of the world. Makrana produces the world’s finest quality marble. Symbol of love, “Taj Mahal” is constructed using the Makrana white Marble. Markara Marble is used for Building Construction, Handicraft, ornate Temple Work, monuments, western and Indian sculptures.

Makrana is a larger Town in Nagaur district and main centre of marble in Rajasthan. Makrana Produces the 19.20 million Tonnes Marble Per year and approximately 40,000 labourers works in 900 mines in the several ranges of the Aravallis. Average annual revenue from Makrana marble is 10036 crore in indian rupees. This makes Makrana the richest municipality in the state.

Uses of Makrana Marble:

1. Monuments:

Tajmahal and Victoria memorial

Fig- Taj Mahal, Agra and Victoria memorial, Kolkata

Sheikh Zayed mosque, UAE and Dukhniwaran sahib patiala

Fig- Sheikh Zayed mosque, UAE and Dukhniwaran sahib patiala

2. Handicrafts

Handicrafts Makrana Marbles

3. Temple Work

Makrana Marble temple

4.Building Construction:

Makrana Marbles Building Construction


6. Furniture:

Makrana Marble Furniture

7. Sculptures

Makrana Marbles Sculptures

Properties of Makrana Marble:

Makrana Marble is the high quality White marble used in building construction and decoration. These marbles are highly durable. It is widely used for the flooring. About 120 thousand tonnes of the marble are produced annually from over 400 mines in the Makrana Region  and 55 million tonnes are reserved by the state government.

The key points of chemical properties are listed as below.

1. Type or Marble: Calcitic in nature

2. Chemical composition: it consist 98% to 99.9% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and 2% to 0.1% impurities.

3. Colour shades: pure white, white with grey shades and white with pink shades (depends upon the type and level of Impurities)

4. Water Resistance: presence of 98% calcium carbonate makes it India’s highest water resistive rock

5. Shine: Makrana Marble retains its shine and white colour for very long period of Time

6. Cutting and polishing: Makrana marble doesn’t require chemical or any other form of treatment but used in cutting and chiselling.

Types of Makrana Marbles:

Markana Marbles are categorized into various categories depending upon the level of impurities and observing colour and pattern.

1. Makrana White Marble: This is the most common type calcatic stone of white colour used for sculpture and in building construction for flooring and wall cladding.

2. Dungri Marble: It comes with slightly Grey pattern on white. It is preferred for flooring purpose. It doesn’t require any chemical treatment.

3. Kumari Marble: This Marble has white color with grey or brown line patters on it. : It is the most economic type of Makrana marble.

4. Albeta Marble or Albeto Marble: It is commonly being observed in white colour with slightly black lines on it.

5. Brown Albeta Marble: The Albeta marble with the brown colour pattern on its top.

6. Makrana Pink Marble: This Makrana marble has pink colour pattern on white. It is used for decoration purpose as well as flooring.

7. Makrana Pure White Marbles: It is also known as “Sangemarmar”. It doesn’t have any pattern of different colour shade. It is the purest form of Makrana Marbles.

Price list of Makrana Marbles

Serial No.Name of Makrana MarblePrice in INR

(Starts from)
Image of Makrana MarbleDetails and Supplier Link
1.Makrana White Marble300 / Square FeetClick Here
2.Dungri Marble80 / Square FeetClick Here
3.Kumari Marble25 / Square FeetClick Here
4.Albeta Marble or Albeto Marble150 / square FeetClick Here
5.Brown Albeta Marble100 / Square FeetClick Here
6.Makrana Pink Marble:200/ square feet
7.Makrana Pure White Marbles400/ square feetClick Here
8.Taj White Sangemarmar500/square feetClick Here

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