Granite: Price list, introduction, Colour, Features and Application of Granite

Granite: Price list, introduction, Colour, Features and Application of Granite


Granite is a hard, Granular, indigenous and crystalline rock mainly consisting the minerals Mica, quartz and Feldspar. It is widely used for the Budding Construction. It can be used for both interior and exterior. It Consists 20% to 60% quartz and 35% of total feldspar by volume.

Granite Price list

Serial No.Name of GranitePrice of Granite
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1.Rajasthan Black GraniteRs 60/square feet Rajasthan Black GraniteDetails
2.Black Galaxy GraniteRs 150/square feet Black galaxy graniteDetails
3.Black Pearl GraniteRs 200/square feet Black pearl graniteDetails
4.Black Granite Leather FinishRs 150/square feet Black Granite Leather FinishDetails
5.Telephone Black GraniteRs 120/square feet Telephone Black GraniteDetails
6.Green Pearl GraniteRs 200/square feet Green Pearl GraniteDetails
7.Mokalsar Green GraniteRs 85/square feet Mokalsar Green GraniteDetails
8.Pearl White GraniteRs 65/square feet Pearl White GraniteDetails
9.White Galaxy GraniteRs 65/square feet White Galaxy GraniteDetails
10.Madurai Gold GraniteRs 175/square feet Madurai Gold GraniteDetails
11.Tan Brown GraniteRs 100/square feet Tan Brown GraniteDetails
12.Indian Juparana GraniteRs 100/square feet Indian Juparana GraniteDetails
13.Cats Eye GraniteRs 105/square feet Cats Eye GraniteDetails
14.Golden Garnet GraniteRs 125/square feet Golden Garnet GraniteDetails
15.Rosy Pink GraniteRs 65/square feet Rosy Pink GraniteDetails
16.Tiger Skin GraniteRs 65/square feet Tiger Skin GraniteDetails
17.Sindoori Red GraniteRs 150/square feet Sindoori Red GraniteDetails
18.Imperial Red GraniteRs 100/square feet Imperial Red GraniteDetails
19.Lakha Red GraniteRs 150/square feet Lakha Red GraniteDetails


Granite is a preferred building material for modern architecture because of its some physical properties. It can be used for the multipurpose applications. it is commonly being for both exterior and interior. It is primarily used of  for Counter top in kitchen and Bathrooms. It can be also used for flooring and wall decoration. It has rich colour and texture variety that it is the hardest and artistic construction material. Due to the fact that granite can be cleaned easily it is the most useful and hygienic material to use in exterior and interior spaces. Polished granite surfaces are also used for the Engineering works. This hard stone is also used for the memorials and Sculpture.

Granite counter top

Features of Granite:

Granite is popular in the world of Building construction because of its Texture, colour, hardness and durability. All types have common Granular texture. These comes in various colours like white, Grey, Black, Green and many other colour, It can not be without texture and pattern on it. After chiselling and polishing it can be used for commercial purpose. know more at Wikipedia

Colour of Granite:

Chemical composition of Granite usually provides Red, Pink, grey, White, Black and other dark colour. Colour of this stone also depends on the reason of origin of rock and Participating Granular element in it.

color of granite


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